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INSIGHTS 6.0 Sets a New Standard for Software Upgrades

Advanced features incorporate both state-of-the-art navigation and strategic real-world solutions from the front lines of healthcare financial management.


To help meet the challenges emerging from the complexity of the current healthcare environment, Healthcare Insights LLC has released a powerful new upgrade to its popular INSIGHTS financial management software solution. INSIGHTS 6.0 delivers an impressive new arsenal of strategic tools, sophisticated functionality, and smart design that enables and supports more effective financial management, operational efficiency, and enhanced daily productivity for modern health systems, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.


Here’s a look at some of what INSIGHTS 6.0 offers:


New “My INSIGHTS” Screen — INSIGHTS 6.0 features a completely redesigned user home page that simplifies and streamlines navigation while making it easier for users throughout the entire enterprise to collaborate and communicate. The new “My INSIGHTS” screen now includes internal chat, discussion boards, forum and idea exchange displays. It also incorporates improved alert reporting.


Daily Labor Productivity Panel — The new Daily Labor Productivity panel enables more immediate review of productivity and employee data. It compares data from the time and attendance system to budget—fixed or flexed—and provides automated alerts to the appropriate manager whenever performance veers from thresholds.


Super-Mega Productivity Jobs Form — A unique new Jobs Form for salary budgeting allows INSIGHTS facility administrators to determine exactly what data are collected and to customize the display. This new form also allows customization of formulas specific to each organization.


Easier Labor Management by Department — The new INSIGHTS 6.0 Labor Management by Department flip screen makes it easy to view and sort variances for ALL labor management columns, including variance amounts and percentages.


13-Month Income Statement Percentage Change — Now, with just one click, INSIGHTS 6.0 users can display percentage change from year to year to facilitate financial planning.


Work Load Unit to Summary Work Load Unit Relationships — A new Summary Accounts Form provides visual display of related workload unit (WLU) accounts and enables the creation of complex WLU relationships. Improved functionality means summary accounts can be related to other summary accounts.


Additional Report Cards — To help INSIGHTS users stay on top of their business, new customized activity reports provide a variety of metrics showing at-a-glance how the organization is using INSIGHTS. Reports on hardware specs, archived data, and server utilization are provided, as is information on how to maximize INSIGHTS’ full range of capabilities.


Additional Alert Response Required Features — INSIGHTS 6.0 improves accountability and follow-through by enabling administrators to identify the specific person(s) required to respond to an alert when notifying multiple members of a team about a variance.


In addition to the above upgrades, INSIGHTS 6.0 incorporates a host of other new, user-friendly capabilities and features. These include:


  • Searchable help and online manuals and movies
  • Enhanced budget detail display
  • Expanded what-if panels
  • Improved AP JE forms
  • User-status change alerts
  • Team maintenance simplification