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Inside the Mind of the Hospital CFO


Course Description

This two or three hour course has been designed for sales, marketing and service personnel interested in exposing team members to what may be going on inside the mind of the hospital's chief financial officer. It allows the participant to gain a greater understanding of why the CFO may choose to encourage or discourage the acquisition of various products that are offered throughout the hospital.


Learning Objectives of the Class

In this course the instructor will:


  • Discuss the general overview of current healthcare economics, as viewed by the CFO
  • Compare and contrast the major payers, and their economic implications for providers
  • Examine the CFOs role and responsibilities, purchasing power and authority
  • Explore the current healthcare issues having the biggest impact on the CFOs job
  • Examine what this may mean to your company and its sales efforts


Who Should Attend

Attendance is encouraged for sales, marketing and service personnel and their senor leadership, interested in gaining additional understanding of the CFO's role and responsibility within the hospital's purchasing decisions.


Administrative Policies

This on-site course is offered by contract. Once signed, a 30-day notification prior to the course date is required in order to cancel the contract without penalty.