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About Pioneers Memorial Healthcare

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District serves the healthcare needs of southeastern California's Imperial Valley at an accredited, 107-bed acute care facility; three community health centers; and an occupational health center.


You Can’t Control What You Don’t Know

It’s impossible to control costs if department managers don’t know when and why specific expenses are getting out of control.

INSIGHTS alerts automatically push variance emails directly to managers whenever performance veers from plan. That action not only gets them thinking about financial results more than they used to but also gets them to act. With INSIGHTS, they can quickly find the information they need to respond to the alerts—what is actually happening, why they are high here or low there—and independently make timely adjustments that keep emerging issues from becoming persistent and expensive problems. Plus, it allows the hospital to track who has responded to alerts and who hasn’t. As a result, decision makers are better equipped to control costs, allocate resources efficiently, identify opportunities for improvement, and make a difference quickly.

At Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District, for example, INSIGHTS' bi-weekly payroll summaries trended salary/staffing data—overtime, standby, call-back, double time, etc.—in seconds, putting managers in a position to detect variances, determine causes, and take immediate action that significantly reduced labor expenses.


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INSIGHTS has been ranked #1 Budgeting Software for 2011, 2012, and 2013 by KLAS Enterprises, LLC, Best in KLAS Awards.


MD Buyline’s User Satisfaction Report rates INSIGHTS highest in Product Integration and Training.



Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Healthcare Insights, LLC has achieved Gold Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District - Improved Productivity

The finance department knew it was in dire need of a budgeting system, but realized it was only the tip of the iceberg when they assessed all the ways they needed to monitor, manage, and measure the Healthcare District's financial performance.



The Healthcare District’s budgeting system was conceptually solid, but not functionally adequate for collecting, comparing, analyzing, and reporting financial and productivity data at a micro level. It was not particularly user-friendly, flexible, or fast, and simply couldn't produce the output needed to set, monitor, measure, and improve performance levels.


What they needed

A combination budgeting, decision support, reporting, monitoring, trending, and measurement tool offering exceptional flexibility, both in how data is entered and how it is used, and capable of functioning at an absolute detail level.


What Healthcare Insights provided

A powerful software and service suite that captured comprehensive raw data and instantaneously transformed it into useful information users could aggregate, organize, drill down into, manipulate, and transform into solid intelligence that supports decisions and taking action.


Some of the results

Accuracy of data — With higher quantity and level of output, INSIGHTS allowed budgeting at a micro level—down to individual FTE position. It offered the capacity to compare actual numbers, budget numbers, flex budget numbers; analyze against figures from previous years; and graph expenditures down to specific suppliers, etc.


Access to data — INSIGHTS users were given many more options for accessing and working with information—applying "what if" scenarios, making across-the-board adjustments, creating custom reports. Bi-weekly payroll summaries, for example, trend salary/staffing data—overtime, standby, call-back, double time, etc.—in seconds.


Controlling costs — Budget parameters could be set in advance and monitored, and automatic alerts triggered when performance veers from plan. INSIGHTS put managers in position to determine cause of variance and develop immediate plan of action.


Measuring healthcare productivity — INSIGHTS enabled the district to track managers' response rates to automated variance alerts, connect responses to results and outcomes, and trace the positive impact on improved institutional performance to comply with Joint Commission accreditation requirements.


Watch video — Healthcare executives talk about the benefits of having the data they need in one common language, in one system, on their desktops to budget faster, quickly correct variances, analyze and share data, increase accountability, and make better, evidence-based decisions every day.


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