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Bradley Hipp, Systems Director, Budget and Reimbursement, Loyola University Health System, has proof that INSIGHTS delivers all the information managers need to make better decisions every day and improve the bottom line.


Feedback from the Front Lines

At Columbia Memorial Hospital, a not-for-profit, full-service, critical-access hospital in Northwest Oregon, budgeting in INSIGHTS has cut down on the extra hours and weekends, and reduced the number of times the budget has to be reviewed and adjusted. Now, when Accounting finishes the first cut of the budget, it is close to final. It's really budgeting by exception now.


Success Stories

Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Healthcare Insights, LLC has achieved Gold Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

INSIGHTS® Core Capability: Budgeting

INSIGHTS® exception-based budgeting manages all budgeting tasks using a single, familiar, easy interface and a faster, simpler, paperless process.


Budgeting is completed in days instead of months allowing for more time spent in productive analysis and decision-making. Organizations replace cumbersome, historical annual budgeting with a continuous, dynamic, and responsive budgeting process.


  • Automate and accelerate budget workflow across departments
  • Look at both fixed and flexed budget amounts against actual
  • Deploy "what if" scenarios for forecasting, predictive analysis
  • Automatically adjust for exceptions; recalculate in seconds
  • Create custom reports to meet specific needs


Adjust costs based on changes in activity levels

With continuous flex budgeting, total budgeted costs are adjusted for actual business volume, not projected. Underlying expense line items in the budget model link to the most relevant activity measures and automatically update every time estimated levels are changed. Executives can quickly adjust to changing circumstances and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities that might have been missed.


Support short-term and long-term investments with accurate data

Capital budgeting also becomes streamlined, offering the tools to accurately monitor actual capital purchases, realistically evaluate capital requests, and automate review and approval processes. Budget periods may be set up for one to five year, so executives can predict the level of capital investment needed in both the short and long term.


Turn a financial plan into a budget

Seamlessly integrate financial planning with budgeting. Use INSIGHTS to export the organization's long-term financial plan directly into the working budget. It automatically generates a better budget draft—one that requires fewer changes and aligns more closely with strategic goals.