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Emmanuel Kolluri

Emmanuel Kolluri

Vice President, Clinical BI & Analytics


Emmanuel Kolluri oversees the company’s research and development, implementation, and technical support activities, including guiding the organization’s ongoing product innovation and development strategies. A member of the NOMISe® executive team for 18 years prior to the merger with Healthcare Insights, he was instrumental in shaping the vision for INSIGHTS Cost Accounting software and played the chief architect role in its design and development.


Earlier in his career, Kolluri spent six years as Assistant Director of the information management center at a major medical center, with responsibility for its decision support systems. Previously, he worked for McKesson’s (HBOC’s Amherst) product development group as Product Manager for cost accounting and held several computer-related managerial positions in financial services and wholesale food distribution. Kolluri has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Economics, as well as a Master of Business Administration and a Masters in Operations Science.